Past is Prologue.


Bold demonstrations that sprung up during G.W. Bush’s early presidency. The series of photos reflect old -fashioned crowd control at the dawn of the twenty- first century. 



I squirm through a crowd of hecklers reaching for an unobstructed view of George Walker Bush’s Presidential motorcade. I am too short to shoot over the sea of hands in front of me–all gesturing with their middle finger–jeering at our new president. A frigid wind ushers in a gang of pranksters who pass out pink and green Xeroxed flyers with radical buzzwords to shout out, as a prelude to their act. The masked punks take their places in a random formation around the US Navy Memorial. I am smack in the middle of an anarchist plot!
Also trapped with me is a delegation from the National Organization of Women, middle-aged women politely condemning the election. They are holding up their royal blue N.O.W. signs. The ringleader clad in black, appears from nowhere and shimmies up the flagpole! He removes the American Flag and hoists a black skull and crossbones in its place– a pyrrhic victory.
His minions are in awe of his accomplishment; could this conquest reverse the Supreme Court decision? Now the federal tactical police move in on horseback. The foot police roll in sections of a chain link fence. They ram through our congregation and confine us. The crowd panics, a riot begins. There’s no exit to escape. I take what pictures I can, impeded by pushing and shoving.
Suddenly I feel a hand slip between my legs and hoist me up over the chain-link fence. “You’ll be safe here”, the phantom kid says, “Now, take your pictures.