Friendship Park has served as a gateway between the United States/Mexico border for decades. Countless have come to this open parkland to congregate in celebration during holidays, and as well to see loved ones. It is here that monthly get-togethers, and family reunions have been created by Enrique Moronoes and Border Angels.

So it is with great dismay I report that the new border patrol chief, Rodney S. Scott, has suddenly changed hours and love @ Friendship Park. New size limits and rules. No "opening the door of hope" in 2018. No more large families, as 10 people total in new size limit, visits now limited to 30 minutes on Saturdays and Sundays. Reduced space for children to play. Previously approved disabled children’s Telethon hug event canceled.

Enrique commented on this lamentable change : "We shall over come, as Love always conquers hate". This Sunday February 12th, we will have songs of love at Friendship park.

"I have been coming to Friendship Park area since the 1970's when I used to run on the beach, now there is a wall, a reduced friendship park space, more limits on being able to simply love your neighbor. Twenty-five hate mongers allowed to protest at Chicano Park, last Sunday, February fourth. And as of this new ruling, only ten loving family members are allowed to enter Friendship Park this past Saturday. We are outraged, and paying attention. Love, has no borders" Enrique Morones, Border Angels.”

There is an effort to wear down those impacted by deportation, family separations, the threat of being deported. With the new head of border patrol we are witnessing efforts to restrict and cancel expected events that have been enjoyed by all who come to Friendship Park. I ask are we going to sit back and allow these restrictions and cancellations to roll out without our voices heard? California is a sanctuary state. The majority of Californians have already made it clear that we do not approve of the deportation, exclusion and ridicule of those who are simply trying to make a decent life for themselves and their families.

Friendship Park has been a place of joy, comfort, and love to the countless who have journeyed there to feel the warmth of their full community. It is where we attend the occasions created by Border Angels. But now with the new border patrol chief revising the rules, it is incumbent on us to speak out against these new restrictions. Officer Rodney S Scott we respectfully request that you pay attention to your community and do not restrict the change of hours, size limits and regular events that have brought people together for years, at this beloved location at the U.S./Mexican border.

Tish Lampert


Tish Lampert