MY Vision

Through the lens. We understand. 



I have focused my lens on activism since the early seventies, documenting significant events related to human rights, civil liberties and conflict. Throughout the years I have been drawn in by the human condition. I take photographs that celebrate the human spirit and create awareness of civil injustice. I look for the individual narrative, an iconic moment that we will remember and perhaps identify our personal journey in relationship to the photographs.




My work reflects a visual documentary of our nation’s contemporary historic milestones, and reminds us where we’ve been, who we are, and brings into focus our changing democracy, framing the story  through the power of the printed image.

This work has been compiled into a book, I Protest, to create an America we can believe in.

To compliment the book I felt it was time to hear from those I have met on the trail. The AMERICA SPEAKS PODCAST:

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As I continue this project there is no shortage of discontent. Hard earned rights that Americans have depended on, for generations, are being overturned and diminished. It is my goal with this collection to remember the outrage but also seek a way to come to a mutual understanding of one another, as Americans, as we exercise our First Amendment Rights.




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Join me on the trail by signing up for my newsletter below