Jonathan Granoff, Nobel Peace prize nominee in 2014, and the founder of The Global Security Institute, as well as a representative at the United Nations. Joining him is Garrett Reppenhagen, who is a highly respected veteran, several tours of duty in Iraq, sniper division, and who is a tireless voice for veteran's rights. Today he runs an environmental NGO, Veterans Voice, that brings awareness to climate action. What is the collateral damage Trump's reckless threats of ordering a nuclear a nuclear strike? Beyond military conflict, both our guests emphasize how corporate profiteering has replaced the conscience of these governing in the U.S. today. This discussion provides a rethinking of global conflict and how citizens of the world can influence an end to war.

Special thanks to James Coblentz. 

Jonathan Granoff: http://gsinstitute.org

Garrett Reppenhagen: http://www.vetvoicefoundation.org

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