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Martin Sheen speaks with two remarkable ‘dreamers’ Karla Estrada, Justino Mora, who worked with the Obama administration to create the DACA progam. This conversation celebrates the lives of these two young activists. Their struggle inspires Martin to reflect on his journey, through past decades, fighting for civil rights. Martin questions the state of our humanity, amidst the current climate of racism, in the U.S. today. A gripping discussion arises as we get a sense of what’s at stake for these young people and their families, enhanced by their personal narrative, and striking down the erroneous bad immigrant label. We learn how Karla deals with her brother’s recent deportation, and how Justino juggles his many responsibilities, as co-founder of Undocumedia, holding down two jobs, his devotion to his undocumented mother, and fighting everyday for those who are being persecuted by ICE.  Karla and Justino are paving the way for those who are the most vulnerable, committed to protecting their community.  Martin compares their dedication to with men like Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela, the heroes from his generation.

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Special thanks Alexa Coblentz, Borja Sau and James Coblentz.

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Karla Estrada

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A round table discussion with Ivan Ceja, the founder of Undocumendia (the grass roots platform with over a million followers) Jonathan Yost, director the water drop program for Enrique Morones's Border Angels, Arlene Ferendelli, previous director of Angel’s Fight, and Karla Estrada and Justino Mora. This episode conveys a detailed examination of the undocumented community. Freedom for all people is the objective. Is this achievable? It’s time to dispel the basic talking points cycled on mainstream media, and get a comprehensive pov of how the movement has gown stronger because having the DACA status allows these activists to represent their community, dispute the negative unlawful image promoted by Trump and his administration, and transform the path forward by not focusing on citizenship but instead acknowledging the rights of people, who are taking care of their families and contributing to society. This paradigm eradicates the mislabeling. Jonathan gives us a sense of exactly what is going on at the border, and it is nothing what is being reported. Ivan takes us through an average day with Undocumedia, following those who have reached out to them; and how his non-profit fights to protect immigrant rights, and in some cases is able to be the catalyst for a positive turn of events. 

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Enrique Morones and Jonathan Yost:

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