Tish Lampert

 Lampert’s work focuses on human rights issues. She covered the 1992 riots in Los Angeles; the Cesar Chavez movement for migrant worker’s rights and, for ten years, worked with the Navajo Nation in Tuba City and Window Rock, Arizona. Her “in the field” investigations include: Human Rights Watch, The Fund For Peace, Concierge, N.O.W. (National Organization of Women), The Africa Project, The Los Angeles School District, Tap-Tap, The Los Angeles Conservancy and US Doctors Without Borders. Art Miles Mural Project has used Lampert’s images to represent them internationally. In 1994, Lampert was hired to document the Soldier of Fortune convention at the Sands Hotel, in Las Vegas. That assignment provided a rare opportunity to photograph mercenaries, and future war profiteers. For five years she served as media director and photographer for Voices of African Mothers at the United Nations. Lampert’s photographic work focuses on human rights issues; documenting in-depth stories from those on the frontlines of today's most compelling challenges. Ms.Lampert’s eighteen  years of chronicling U.S. citizens exercising their First Amendment Rights has evolved into the book titled,I Protest: To Create An America We Can Believe In. Ms. Lampert is a 2013 recipient of a Nathan Cummings Family Foundation Grant for this project.  The book is endorsed by Martin Sheen, Harry Belafonte, Dennis Macdougal, and Greg Palast.  Ms. Lampert exhibited this work at the United Nations, 2013. Photographs from this collection were featured at PHOTO LA, 2016. In January 2018, the America Speaks Podcast launches. Lampert is a part of a group exhibition: Getty: LA/LA ephiphany and the Chicano Movement at the Church of the Epihpany.Ms. Lampert’s photographs are apart of numerous private collections both corporate and individual. A list of her publications and talks is available upon request.