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September 15, 2018: It was such an honor to be on the ASMP panel alongside these incredible photojournalists! Thanks to everyone who came out to hear our stories behind the camera. ❤️ Thank you @asmpla, @CanonUSA & @sandisk for making the Women’s Still & Motion Photojournalism Power Panel possible!‬ https://www.instagram.com/p/Bn61uUxHi0S/ Rachel Luna

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Listen to Tish Lampert - Photographer, Activist, Host of the America Speaks Podcast on ⁦@lushleft@tishlampertcom is an amazing photo-journalist, her work is incredible. ⁦@davidslavick⁩ & I sat down w/ her & are excited to have her on again!

Tish's work is a visual documentary of our nation’s contemporary historic milestones, and reminds us where we’ve been, who we are, and brings into focus our changing democracy, framing the story through the power of the printed image.

Her work has been compiled into a book, "I Protes" she is also the host of "The AMERICA SPEAKS PODCAST" on KSFR for more Tish Lampert see her work at www.tishlampert.org

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Outstanding !!!!! A clear voice cuts through all the other retoric.

America Dream with Martin Sheen

by alpamgabe

Congratulations and thank you for bringing these very important words to as many ears as possible. Everyone should listen to their stories and learn and feel the truth. Pass it on.

Great Show! Can’t wait for more!


by Tony the MF Tiger

Informative, progressive, and driven. With amazing conversations, America Speaks is a refreshing podcast that deals with the critical issues that the mainstream media ignores. Excited for more episodes 5/5 ✌️

"I Protest, America Speaks, is the right-between-the-eyes response to the ("SHUT  THE F@#$ UP!" pinheads of ) the Official Media who give no voice to those opposing  brutality, impoverishment, bigotry and the awful mess we're in."

Greg Palast

"Through Tish Lampert’s I Protest, America Speaks, we view a clear reflection of who we are, who we can become, and a powerful reminder that basic human rights are not given by the gracious hand of any state that must be protected therein."       

MArtin sheen

“Images of the history of the civil rights movement viewed by generations yet unborn is a vital contribution to the growth of our nation. For us to not know our history is to leave us eternally vulnerable to repeating the horrors we have in the past created. Equally important is to see the human diversity that went into overcoming the forces that sought to deny our common humanity. This collection, I Protest, America Speaks, is a gift that should be in everyone’s possession so as to help us understand the courage it took to overcome those forces that fuel our capacity to constantly self- destruct.”

Harry Belafonte

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, internationally renowned photojournalist Tish Lampert is publishing the Encyclopedia Britannica of activism.”


"Decades before 99 percent of America got so angry that they were willing to identify themselves as ripped off and nothing but investment bankers and other fast-buck artists occupied Wall Street, there was Tish Lampert aiming, focusing and shooting her camera. Tish is that rare photojournalist who doesn’t need the tacit approval of the Associated Press or an assignment from Vanity Fair to pick up and MOVE when normally complacent citizens finally get pissed enough to break out the placards and dare the powers-that-be to cuff ‘em, book ‘em and sent ‘em to jail. Bags perpetually packed and American Express card ever at the ready when she gets wind of another demonstration – big, medium or small – Ms. Lampert has made it her business for more than a generation to capture the most dramatic moments of the Davids of this country matching wits and will against America’s various and sundry Goliaths. Tish lives for the next demonstration. She has quite literally made the documenting of this most American of rituals her life’s work. She doesn’t need the 24-hour cable gasbags, the Manhattan-D.C. news elite, or the fair-and-balanced Fox fib machine to let her know whether or not she ought to cover the story. While most of the press corps were sucking up to the delegates who were about to anoint Barack Obama the 2008 DNC nominee, Tish was out in the parking lot with demonstrators who’d been quarantined by the Denver police and treated like pariahs by the national media. Same thing in Minneapolis a week later, where Republicans unveiled Sara Palin, their latest gift to a nation still flailing from eight years of Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and the Wonder Boy from Waco. Of course, most Americans would never have known there were any protests because – as with Denver – the local gendarmes kept them far, far away from the confetti, balloons and “Happy Days Are Here Again” festivities inside the auditorium. Tish always seems to go where the so-called Mainstream Media can’t be bothered to look or listen, let along aim a camera. She’s been this way since the ‘60s, when her disaffected Upper Eastside upbringing soured early and she picked up a Nikon to document her own and other students’ anti-Vietnam sentiments. She became the kid who won’t shut up about the “buck-neckid” Emperor, whether he (or she) be Republican or Democrat. She’s been insinuating herself among the outsiders, election cycle after election cycle, for nearly 40 years, and she has no plans to stop anytime soon. She does not confine herself to Presidential politics, however. When the plump, self-aggrandizing World Trade Organization gathered economic ministers from around the globe in Seattle 12 years ago, Tish was there, snapping away while cops in riot gear faced down kids with signs in what would be a harbinger of the OWS demonstrations of 2011. During her journey, she’s cozied up to Ralph Nader, Harry Belafonte and a host of other champions of the stifled, the ignored and the sidestepped who got the short end of the American Dream. She’s also a familiar figure around the United Nations where she’s been chronicling protests since Colonel Gaddafi was a buck private and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was just an Iranian gleam in the Ayatollah’s eye. For a long time, Tish seemed on a fool’s errand. Who cared if yet another abortion clinic was ringed by yet another gaggle of right-wing loonies? What difference did it make if some civil rights got misplaced along with Iraq’s WMDs? America had iPods and Google, Hummers and SUVs to beat the band. We were No. 1. Our homes were our castles, as well as our ATMs. But as Bobby Dylan once advised us, now we don’t talk so loud or seem so proud about having to be scrounging for our next meal. What the 99 percent are finally waking up to, Tish Lampert understood all along. To those millions among us who are finally switching on the nightly news and getting an unhealthy dose of pepper spray, Tish would be the first to quote Rick’s closing line to Louis in the final frames of Casablanca: 'Welcome back to the fight'."

Dennis McDougal